Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Introducing MasterPassword's official blog

Welcome to MasterPassword's official blog

On this blog, we will publish all news related to MasterPassword: videotutorials, tricks, future changes, previews of new features, etc. Anything of interest to MasterPassword users.

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  1. Hello,

    thanks for this good idea!
    I have one problem. I have now installed the android app (5.1.1) on my phone and a mpw command line tool on my desktop pc (no version number, java classes from decembre 3rd 2013).
    I use the same masterpassword for both applications (123456), I use the same username (tom) and I create a password for the same remote host (gmx).
    I expect to get the same new password from both applications, but they aren't.
    I chose PIN as password type.

    is that intended behaviour? how could I recover passwords on my pc if i loose my phone then?

    greets, tom

    1. The computer version of MasterPassword is the "MasterPassword_BrainyBackup.html" file that is generated by MasterPassword app for Android. That file can be sent to any device to generate your passwords.

      I don't know what password manager are you using in your computer, but is not compatible with MasterPassword app for Android.

      We are working on a new version of MasterPassword that works on any device: Android, iOS, WP, windows, linux, Mac OS, BB (and more) and in a secure syncronization system to keep all your MasterPassword instances upt-to-date. But we don't know when will be released.